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New CA Logo + CSS [News]

As you might have already noticed CAN has a new logo and with this the new css. It’s been long since we started thinking about it and it’s an absolute pleasure to see it all finally out there. None of this could have been possible without Just Be Nice, especially Stas Khrustalev who put immense […]


SuperCollider GUI Design Project [News, Sound]

The SuperCollider development community invites graphic designers and UI specialists to create a unique and elegant look for its GUI controls (buttons, sliders, knobs, etc.)  Visual coherency of the interface elements is essential for making a good first impression for any Open Source project and for day to day work an elegant and uniform look […]


FORM+CODE Book + Giveaway [News]

FORM+CODE is the latest book by Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams + LUST and published by Princeton Architectural Press. The book offers an insight into design by code used by designers, artists and architects to explore and derive to new ways of generating and translating ideas. Broken down into eight chapters, the book attempts to categorise different techniques used in […]


EyeWriter needs your Help! [News]

EyeWriter needs your help! One year ago, graffiti artist Tony Quan (aka TEMPT1) teamed up with a group of artists from the Graffiti Research Lab, OpenFrameworks and Free Art and Technology communities to develop free and open source eye tracking and drawing software that has helped him make art again for the first time since being […]

processing00 Exhibition now curated by FV [News]

From September 2010, myself with CreativeApplications.Net will be the curator of the online exhibition of projects on It’s a great privilege and pleasure to contribute to the almost 10 year old open source project initiated by Ben Fry and Casey Reas. Processing has won hearts and minds of many artists, researchers, designers and architects over the […]


Written Images [News]

Written Images is looking for artists, designers and developers who would like to provide a self-made, generative image-creating application for a book. Artists, designers and developers are encouraged to program image creating applications, which will be published as four-page spreads in the book. These programs visualize internet data-streams or display self-generated content. They are able to save continuously changing […]


What the iPad Means to Developers [News, iPhone]

Today Apple announced it’s long rumored new product, the iPad. Hype has been reaching epic proportions leading up to the launch, though I would say that the device meets expectations without really offering anything truly groundbreaking in terms of technology. The most surprising part of the announcement was probably the price of the device – […]


Thank You to CAN’s Sponsors [News]

We would like to take a quick moment and thank our great sponsors for enabling us to deliver such great content to our readers. Please take a moment and visit their websites for great products and offers. Why Advertise on CreativeApplications.Net? CAN is always seeking site sponsors for our growing audience of artists, gamers, musicians […]


Happy New Year!!

From all of us at CAN we would like to wish you a very Happy New Year! It’s an end of a decade so make the new 2010 bring you a lot of love + peace and happiness wherever you are! Here are just a few things we have planned for the new year: 1. […]


Merry Christmas!

As we say goodbye to 2009 and prepare for the 2010, we thought we should say thank you to all of our readers. As you know CAN launched back in October 2008 and the 2009 has been a hugely exciting year from us. They say it takes a year for blog to take off and […]