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Sónar+D inviting applications for MarketLab 2015

Sónar+D is inviting applications to participate at the upcoming MarketLab 2015 (18-20 June, Barcelona). Technology companies, start-ups, creative labs, developers, universities and organizations of all kinds working with creative technologies based on music, audiovisuals, new media and video games, exploring new forms of creation, production, distribution or marketing are all welcome.


Fortune by Zach Gage

Originally conceived and built as a physical installation piece back in 2013, Fortune is the latest in Zach Gage‘s series of twitter bots that started in 2009 with Best Day Ever, and the first to live in a context outside of twitter. Fortune a new kind of Fortune Teller — one that auto-generates fortunes based of content from twitter. […]


The Cathedral of Computation – Ian Bogost

In this essay Ian Bogost discusses the problems behind algorithms as ‘devotional phenomenon’ akin to god and the way these metaphors tunnel into culture making ‘us forget that particular computational systems are abstractions, caricatures of the world, one perspective among many”. The algorithmic metaphor is just a special version of the machine metaphor, one specifying a particular kind […]

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Conceived, designed and built by Open Work, Predominantly brings an element of serendipity back into the search for music. We all want to have special, unique experiences with our music, we love having “our” music, and discovery is a big part of that. But when did that last happen? In the days of iTunes and […]


Blowup Reader 8: New Materials New Methods

New Materials New Methods, is the eighth in the Rotterdam-based V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media’s series of Blowup Readers. The (free) eBook explores the relationship between innovation, art and science, and simultaneously speculates future opportunities while scanning the past. V2_ Curator Michelle Kasprzak introduces the collection of essays’ (and a related workshop’s) origin as being partially […]

Theresa Duncan CD-ROMs: Visionary Videogames for Girls by Rhizome — Kickstarter

Boldly original gamemaker Theresa Duncan defied industry norms by creating lyrical CD-ROM adventures based on young girls’ everyday experiences. Today, these seminal games are inaccessible to the next generation of players, researchers, and artists. Help us bring them back! Please help make this Rhizome project by supporting it on Kickstarter. Theresa Duncan CD-ROMs: Visionary Videogames for […]


William Gibson Interview—The Arcade

With the release of his much-anticipated novel The Peripheral about a month ago, William Gibson has  been making the rounds to promote the work—but not all media appearances are equal. Last week Gibson stopped by Toronto and sat down for a conversation with Hazlitt’s The Arcade, a “podcast of smart interviews and gorgeous sound” and the exchange that ensued between the […]

NYLOÏDE  Codact – 2013

FutureEverything News and Opportunities 2015

2015 FutureEverything Festival: Speakers, New Commissions, Installations and Live Programme – 26-28 February 2015, Manchester (UK) Warren Ellis / Jer Thorp / Julia Kaganskiy / Paolo Cirio / Ólafur Arnalds / Ariel Pink / Koreless & Emmanuel Biard: The Well / Cod.Act: Nyloïd / Renzo Spiteri / Gazelle Twin / Deep Hedonia: Unresolved Projects / […]