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Quartz Composer is a graphics development environment that allows you to explore the incredible power of the graphics stack of Mac OS X Tiger. With Quartz Composer, you can easily combine the capabilities of Cocoa, Quartz 2D, Core Image, OpenGL, and QuickTime, all using an approachable visual programming paradigm. Use Quartz Composer to prototype Core Image filters, build engaging screen savers, create custom user-interface widgets, make data-driven visual effects, and even perform live performance animations. More Info

Matthew Biderman – Event Horizon

A Colour Field Point of No Return – Matthew Biederman’s Event Horizon

Several prominent currents run through the oeuvre of Montreal’s Matthew Biederman – data systems, politics, broadcast media, performance and the promotion of awareness of northern landscapes and cultures. Another interest that is evident across Biederman’s body of work is colour, a fascination that he demonstrates an almost painterly preoccupation with within several of the installations that […]


Kulbuto [Quarz Composer, Sound]

Created by Émile Sacré, Kulbuto is an installation and an instrument, exploring possibilities of non-uniform compositions by both visualising what is being created and using the visual content as the driving force behind the rhythmic cycles. The formal outcome of Kulbuto is based on principles of changing rates, determined by graphic collisions at speeds. We are facing […]


Luminair [iPhone, QuarzComposer]

The team behind DMX Remote app Luminair have just released a new free plug-in for Apple’s Quartz Composer called Pixelnode. Pixelnode enables lighting and multimedia designers to turn Apple’s Quartz Composer into a powerful live media-server, controllable via DMX lighting consoles. Luminair application for the iPhone enables you to wirelessly control, view, record and manage […]


v002 Rutt Etra [QuarzComposer]

Created by Anton Marini aka vade, v002 Rutt/Etra plugin brings emulation of the classic Rutt Etra raster based analog video synthesizer to Quartz Composer. The original Rutt/Etra machine was one of the first voltage-controlled video special effects systems and video synthesizers named after Steve Rutt and Bill Etra who designed it. The Rutt Etra machine allowed […]


Glitch Pattern Generator [QuarzComposer]

Glitch pattern generator is the latest app by David Szauder we mentioned few days ago (Curly Code). Currently in it’s second alpha only, the app lets you generate some glitch-patterns from your webcam or from existing quicktime mov files. Built using QuarzComposer, there are a number of options including pixel size, height, line offsets, and few effects […]


Curly Code [Quartz Composer]

CurlyCode is a 3D, realtime drawing application built using Quartz Composer, with several effects (some audio reactive), shaders, and postFX-s. Created by Berlin based David Szauder as a media art project and a non commercial software, CC is the realization of David’s way of thinking and visualizing. Primarily designed to be used in BlackandWhite or […]