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30/03/2010 / iPhone, Sound

Rain. is a minimalistic audio visual composition app for the iPhone created by Rainer Kohlberger. Tap to create black sound stripes, double tap to create moire phases, shake to create a colored beat, double swipe to change background loop. The ...

29/03/2010 / iPhone, openFrameworks, Sound

Amit Pitaru has just announced on his Twitter that Sonic Wire Sculptor for the iPhone has just been submitted to the AppStore is now available! For those that might not remember, back in 2003, Amit created a musical instrument which ...

28/03/2010 / Objects, Processing, Sound

The installation includes six exhibits, at first sight looking trivial, each object incorporates a very unique ability. Each is accompanied with a little story, all completely concealing the existence of technical components such as speakers or sensors, only small connection ...

26/03/2010 / Flash, Sound, WebApp

Audiotool is a fantastic example of why Adobe Flash is still relevant in a world where many web developers are calling for it's early demise. is a fairly complete electronic music studio in web app form. It's something that ...

24/03/2010 / Games, iPhone, Sound

Finalist in this years 2010 Independent Games Festival Mobile Awards, muBlip is a rhythm & shapes game memory game created by PARA9 (Tran-Quan Luong, Alexandre Grégoire and Mathieu Guindon) . The core gameplay is simple: learn multi-touch patterns then replay ...

22/03/2010 / Flash, Sound

Digging in the Crates is an interactive installation by Roland Loesslein which attempts to explore Sampling as a production technology of modern music. Dynamic music data is navigated using modified turntables with information graphics helping understand the complex relationships that ...
Interpalazzo, a collective of media artists, Martin Hesselmeier, Andreas Muxel und Carsten Goertz teamed up with composer Marcus Schmickler to create an autoreactive installation; Revolving Realities. The installation plays with our sense of reality by continually causing us to perceive and experience a ...

15/03/2010 / iPhone, openFrameworks, Sound

From the author of Thump comes his latest app Sampletoy. As it's name would imply, Sampletoy is about having fun with sound. At it's core, Sampletoy is a simple sampler. It lets you record audio using the iPhone microphone and ...

04/03/2010 / iPhone, openFrameworks, Sound

Created as the result of Jörg Piringer's ongoing research, abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz is a sound toy and a performance tool. You can play with the letter-creatures and watch and listen how they interact with each other or use them to produce soundscapes ...

04/03/2010 / c++, Processing, Sound, vvvv

Mjuvi is a 2010 student project at h-da where music and visuals are generated by motion tracked people. The user can choose between different roles (beat = red ring, melodies = blue ring, effect = green ring or instrument switch ...

22/02/2010 / Sound, Windows

Derivative, company behind TouchDesigner, an authoring tool for building interactive 3D art, visualizations, prototypes and user interfaces, has just announced the next-gen of their collaboration with techno-futurist Richie Hawtin who is unleashing PLASTIKMAN LIVE 2010 a much-anticipated series of live shows ...

19/02/2010 / iPhone, Sound

Flourish is a musical toy and composition tool for the iPhone. The helvetica bold and beautiful interface allows you to quickly build diverse and complex arrangements. Organised around clusters of objects, each elements has it's own loop and is triggered ...

17/02/2010 / iPhone, Sound

Originally developed for Game Boy, Nanoloop music sequencer, synthesizer and sampler by Oliver Wittchow is now available for the iPhone/iPod Touch. First released in 1999, Nanoloop for the gameboy has attracted a great following and even though the gameboy may be ...

11/02/2010 / iPhone, Sound

The Buddha Machine is a palm-sized plastic box that plays ambient music loops composed by Beijing-based duo FM3. The iPhone  application is a "virtual Buddha Machine" replicating the no-nonsense simplicity of the original. The app was developed together with ...

06/02/2010 / iPhone, Sound

ProLoop is an audio loop playing and sound experimentation app from Trapcode. It features a pretty cool looking interface that shows the waveform of each loop as it plays. It can play up to 6 loops and you can mix ...

05/02/2010 / Sound, vvvv

Orbitone is an ambient interface for musical interaction by means of tangibles and user motion. It was developed with vvvv, reacTIVision, OpenCV and Ableton Live. Media System Design, Media Arts & Science, University of Applied Science Darmstadt, Germany 2009-2010 (via 7nts on vimeo)

04/02/2010 / Processing, Sound

Quasar is an audiovisual artwork created by envis precisely using Processing and Ableton Live for the fourth issue of WEAVE magazine ( The team writes: It is an audiovisual composition that is based on a single set of MIDI notes. Those ...

30/01/2010 / iPhone, Sound

WooMachine is an audio visualization application for the iPhone created by Matthias Buchholz. Create customizable color gradients and visualize audio data from the iPhone microphone. Included are a large number of adjustable properties such as gate and gains as well as ...

19/01/2010 / iPhone, Sound

Ambient Music Generator is a tool for generating "Ambinet Music" dynamically. There are no notes to play, no multitouch, no buttons to play sounds, simply shake iPhone and leave the iphone by your side to fill your space with ambient ...

15/01/2010 / Flash, Sound

Soundcloud +TV is a visualizer for Soundcloud, a popular online music sharing site. Watch and listen to any Soundcloud user's music in 3D. Built in Fash with Papervision 3D. Created by ssgrfk play SOUNDCLOUD+TV (via @P45C4L)

11/01/2010 / iPhone, Sound

Created by Francis Lam aka db-db, Bitboxland is a platform and tool for audiovisual creation and performance. Half soundtoy, half game, Bitboxland is a a unique and joyful audiovisual playground. Tap on the objects to make sounds or turn on/off music ...

10/01/2010 / iPhone, Sound

Grid is an open source visual synthesiser application designed for rhythmic, melodic, or textural applications. An exploration in frequency of sound and how it may be visualised. Developer description: But has joy gone blind? No; there are primary colors in sound. ...

07/01/2010 / Sound

Created by Feedtank, Transpose is an audiovisual performance instrument devised to encourages physical movement in electronic music performances. In Transpose, the performer's silhouette is projected in front of them along with noteboxes, which produce a sound when touched. The performer can change ...

05/01/2010 / iPhone, Sound

Cloudie is a simple beatbox game inspired by the little clouds at the corner of Hit the moving cloud to play the beat. You will unlock more beats and a loop as the score goes up. Created by the ...

30/12/2009 / iPhone, Sound

Created by Francis Lam aka db-db-db and inspired by his own art installation that tracks movement of fish and turns them into sound,  Goldfish Music Box is an iPhone application that converts colors into music. The principle is simple; you open up the ...

26/12/2009 / iPhone, Sound

Gliss is new sound toy application which lets you play sound files and mix them easily by drawing on your iPhone. Play your mix using a tempo or scrub through by tilting your iPhone. Gliss allows you to improvise and perform ...

17/12/2009 / iPhone, openFrameworks, Sound

I do wonder whether submitting an unfinished app to the AppStore will get you a post on CAN, ie if you can get it pass Apple. I repeatedly mention to developers that we love playing with things 'in progress', sketchy, ...

13/12/2009 / Processing, Sound

TypeStar is a lyric visualizer created by Scott Garner that renders lyrics of a song in realtime according to a number of preset visualization schemes. The Processing sketch can be controlled via keyboard and mouse along with rough support for SMS ...

10/12/2009 / iPhone, openFrameworks, Sound

ShapeSeq is a wonderfully simple sound sequencer created by Paul Apfrod using openFrameworks. Primitive shapes represent four oscillators you can choose from. As each shape is moved around the screen, the pitch and volume moves with it. Every shape has it's ...

09/12/2009 / iPhone, Sound

It's well known that I am a fan of analog drum boxes - especially quirky ones like Tweaky Beat. Tweaky Beat allows you to make loops of analog drum sounds (generated ones, not samples). In terms of functionality, this app ...
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