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31/08/2009 / WebApp

Indexhibit is a web application used to build and maintain an archetypal, invisible website format that combines text, image, movie and sound. Created by Daniel Eatock & Jeffery Vaska and inspired by Daniel's left and right frame format back in ...

30/07/2009 / iOS, WebApp

There are currently many note taking apps available in the AppStore. Apple has also finally added note syncing between and with the iPhone 3.0 software release. For me, WriteRoom has been my writing tool of choice but with ...
    X3 Studios - Digital Branding - Interactive Media

28/07/2009 / WebApp

X3 Studios just launched The Wallpaper Application, web-application that allows anyone to create personalized wallpapers on the fly. You begin with a simple background and from the left hand side menu you can choose a number of graphics elements you want to add. ...

23/07/2009 / News, WebApp

Nathan has just announced that your.flowingdata now includes custom pages. This was one of my requests in the mention few days ago and @yfd is really becoming an awesome tool to map you life data. In addition to organising your ...
    Fever 5

22/06/2009 / WebApp


01/04/2009 / WebApp


20/01/2009 / WebApp

Deskography is a simple little service where you upload photos of your desk. Already incredibly popular on many sites' forums, it is very apparent that people love sharing where they work and what set-ups they have. This is not just because to ...

09/01/2009 / WebApp

Permatime allows you to share any point in time with people in different time zones. If you ever found yourself lost in calculating what time is say 8pm going to be in different zones or you are trying to arrange a ...

27/12/2008 / Environment, WebApp

It could be said that Twitter API and the simplicity of the platform has made Twitter the great social platform it is today. It's a great example that to create a successful social platform is not necessarily about the features but how ...

15/12/2008 / WebApp

Inspired by the recent post on Mashable "Do Brands Belong on Twitter?" we bring you  Hootsuite . BrightKit Hootsuite is a Twitter toolbox allowing you to manage multiple Twitter profiles. What is interesting in relation to the Mashable post is that Brightkit is a great ...

12/12/2008 / iOS, Linux, Mac, MaxMSP, Processing, WebApp, Windows

Flickr is an interesting place. When we are all used to hanging out on our profile page or checking out our contacts' photos, the sheer amounts of images available on Flickr means that it is probably guaranteed that you may ...

09/12/2008 / WebApp

Pixlr is a free online image editor, simple fast and a serious alternative to photoshop when it comes to basic day to day image editing. Pixlr is built for non-professionals, the users that have basic editing needs. It's not for large RAW ...

01/12/2008 / WebApp

Simple yet probably your most used webapp application replacement: Keyboardr Keyboardr is a replacement for your blank/google or any other start-up page you may have set in your Firefox/Explorer/Safari/Camino/Chrome or any other browser you are using. It speeds up your internet experience. And if you ...

29/11/2008 / Scripts, WebApp

Helvetireader is a userscript to make your Google Reader absolutely gorgeous. In particular, it's made for looking at feeds in the expanded view, using Keyboard Shortcuts instead of on-screen buttons. It’s not going to suit how everyone uses Google Reader, but if you are a ...

22/11/2008 / Mac, WebApp, Windows

Wakoopa is an online service that offers ability to track your app usage, share it and get updates from your friends about the apps they use. This is done by the little piece of software that sits on your computer, ...

15/11/2008 / iOS, Linux, Mac, WebApp, Windows

Recent release of the native RememberTheMilk [RTM] app for the iPhone has set new heights for GTD apps on mobile platforms. The app (iTunes Link) is fast, clever, intuitive and extremely well designed (review on TUAW). Here we bring you 10 ...

07/11/2008 / WebApp

FontStruct lets you quickly and easily create fonts out of geometrical shapes, arranged in a grid pattern, like tiles or bricks using the ‘FontStructor’ font editor. FontStruct can also generate TrueType fonts, ready to use in any Mac or Windows application. You can keep your ...

06/11/2008 / WebApp

Are you looking for background patterns for your site or your desktop? BgPatterns might be the place to go. Not only can you browse hundreds of patterns, you can also create your own using default objects available at your disposal. Even though ...

27/10/2008 / WebApp

Mixin let's you share your daily agenda, say where you'll be, what you'll do, make propositions or say that you're available. You can do it from your current calendar application, by Email, SMS, IM or via twitter. If you are ...

25/10/2008 / WebApp

Here is a great way to display your twitter friends on your blog or your website. Using Yahoo Pipes Andy M has created pipes that allow you to visualise your friends or followers on a Yahoo map. There are two pipes ...
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