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Hit-A-Tweet [Processing, WebApp]

With Twitter users generating tens of thousands of messages per minute, Hit-A-Tweet by Andreas Schlegel is a project that utilizes this data-flow overload in twitter to allow participants to create new tweet narratives. Project was created using Processing and twitter4j, a Java library for the Twitter API. Andreas writes: In this work, words from the 41-word […]


LED Matrix WordPress Theme [WebApp]

LED Matrix is a minimal WordPress theme designed to present text in the style of an LED display. The theme dynamically replaces text with a grid of div elements arranged to form a custom typeface. It functions in most browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Internet Exlorer 8*. Color palette is fully customizable, […]


0to255 [WebApp]

0to255 is a simple tool created by Shaun Chapman that helps web designers find lighter and darker colors based on any color. I built 0to255 to make my job easier. I’m a web designer who works with colors every day. Usually, I’ll start with a color I want to use, then I’ll manipulate it for […]


Audiotool [Flash, Sound, WebApp]

Audiotool is a fantastic example of why Adobe Flash is still relevant in a world where many web developers are calling for it’s early demise. is a fairly complete electronic music studio in web app form. It’s something that would have been impossible just a couple of Flash versions ago, but since Adobe added […]


BigAssMessage [WebApp, Flash]

This is truly one awesome messaging service created by Protein’s boy Bjorn. The idea is simple, write text, choose style and save with the link to post to your friends. Big, bold, just the way we love it. Inspired by Barbara Kruger. (sorry about the language below but sh*t and cr*p seem to work best =]) […]


Harmony [WebApp]

Inspired by this code in the Generative Design book, Harmony by Mr.Doob aka Ricardo Cabello is a result of weekend play with various drawing algorithms and <canvas>. Canvas was initially introduced by Apple for use inside their own Mac OS X WebKit component, later adopted by Gecko browsers and standardized for the next generation web technologies. It consists […]


toneglue [WebApp, Flash]

Created by onyro, toneglue is a musical mapping web application to visually display relationships, by similarity of music artists. Navigate endless networks of relating artists by first searching for a single artists and expanding relationships. The data is pulled from Amazon and LastFM so some artists will include additional information such as about and releases. […]


ASCIImeo [WebApp]

ASCIImeo ( is a project by Peter Nitsch that renders Vimeo videos in three different textmodes. Here are some of Peter’s favorite videos in ASCII: Metamorphosis by Glenn Marshall MOTOR / AMBIENT REEL by KU-SCHNEIDER Magnetic Ink by flight404 Still Run by DANTE NOU Look At Me by Patrick Lawler Read more incl technical info on […]


Untitled Painting [WebApp, Flash]

Partly inspired by Gerhard Richter’s series of overpainted photographs, Untitled Painting is a web application by  Thomas Traum with music by Tim Hecker, “Azure Azure” from his album Radio Amor. Set it to your own preferred location, paint over the landscape with the colours of your choice and embed it on your own blog. Untitled Painting […]


Tumblr Mosaic Viewer [WebApp]

Tumblr Mosaic Viewer allows you to view any Tumblr blog as image thumbs in two varying sizes, 100 and 250 pixels. Whether this be your favourite tumblr blogs or you would like to explore the directory, Tumblr Mosaic Viewer is a great way to view tumblr. See CAN’s thisthatandwhatnot on Tumblr Mosaic Viewer or for more awesome Tumblr […]