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Pixuffle [WebApp, Photography]

Pixuffle is a fun webapp that allows you dissect and shuffle parts of your photographs to create interesting compositions. By loading a photo of your choice, you can slide left, right, top and bottom lines of the pics. By doing so you cut up the picture at sections you want. Once done, you can save […]

tmpcc [WebApp] is the latest online project/app by Zach Gage. Part bot, part website, part visualization, for each unique visitor it receives, deletes part of itself. These deletions change the way browsers understand the website’s code and create a unique (de)generative piece after each new user. Eventually, like tangible media, will fall apart entirely, becoming […]


Qonversation [WebApp]

Andreas Pihlström ( has just posted a new invitation URL to his recently launched Qonversation micro-forum website. The site has been private until now and has just opened up for few more new members who have been following Andreas and his blog. I have been a memeber since the first launch and have been generally impressed […]


Twitter Art Projects – Part 2 [WebApp]

“Where is your art” is a kinetic sound installation created by András Juhász Márton, Melinda Matúz, Gergely Kovács and Barbara Sterk. Once a visitor enters the room hacked toy robots start to chat about art, reading the most recent lines of twitter community. Each tweet that contains the word “art” was translated with a text […]


Eyebrowse [WebApp]

Eyebrowse is an add-on for firefox and a webapp brought to you by MIT CSAIL that lets you easily record, visualize, and share your trails through the web in real-time. Tell eyebrowse what sites to track, browse away and compare. Eeyebrowse also lets you find out what’s hot, who’s reading what, and how you surfing […]


Íonz / Digital Persona [WebApp, Flash]

Íonz have created an online tool to generate a simple infographic, a map of your personality and represents your relation in the universe of people that have also created theirs. You can customise the colors, layout and output as a desktop wallpaper. It materialises the way in which we construct brands in the digital world, […]

linklist01 [WebApp] is a new and simple service for collecting and sharing lists with links, developed by Martin Ström and Konst & Teknik. Similar to delicious, allows you to create links to things you like, to share or just to keep. Think of it as a source of all your online profiles, reading lists, or just […]


The Sound of eBay [WebApp]

The eBay-Generator is an application that translates data from arbitrary eBay useraccounts into little music pieces. A first prototype – using the South American eBay- clone Mercadolibre – was presented in September 2007. Leading on from this first version comes the new eBay-Generator, which produces “songs” on request which are then published at The […]


Composition with JavaScript [WebApp]

Composition with Javascript is an interactive work made using HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery, based on Piet Mondrian‘s “Composition with Yellow, Red, Black, Blue and Grey” (1920). It allows anyone to deconstruct the original painting and form it again in whatever he or she wants. Lines are shiftable (just drag it with your mouse) and […]


Face Maker [WebApp]

Driven by artificial selection, Face Maker is a web application that using visitor votes helps slowly transform abstract shapes into human faces. Face Maker is a variant of Philipp’s system that uses a different scoring mechanism and drawing algorithm. Images are pitted directly against on another to determine which ones look the most like faces. Images […]


Helvetical [Scripts, WebApp]

Inspired by Helvetireader (user script to change to look of google reader), Ad Taylor has created a similar script to change the look of Google Calendar. Instead of dated, quite unattractive existing look you can replace it with Helvetica font inspired slick, clean and bold aesthetic. To run this script you will need Firefox with […]