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“Difluxe” by Avoka Production – Upsetting the balance of a microcosm / Cinder

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Created by Avoka Production, DIFLUXE allows us to observe and interact with a world of living beings. On screen, the particles wander forming groups similar to schools of fish. The visitor is invited to upset the balance of this microcosm by placing red or blue plexiglass disks on the surface of the screen.

The installation visitors reveal the nature of invisible forces. Half of the particles are desperate to join the red discs while avoiding the blue while the rest of them have the opposite behavior. Visitors can observe the chaos generated by their actions in the ceaseless movements of particles to find an equilibrium state.

The purpose of this installation is to experience duality in a living system, certain situations create confusion such that the particles never recover their balance. Their behaviors are also based on human nature and our permanent dissatisfaction. Each particle is endowed with free will that evolves over time, they are attracted to blue, red or completely independent.

Hardware : MacMini, Xbox webcam, LCD 42\” screen, plexiglas discs and screen border.
Software : Custom software written in c++ with the Cinder library, including OpenCV, OSC, and a link to SuperCollider. Supercollider patch controlled by the main c++ program via OSC to generate the interactive audio soundtrack.

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  • Łukasz Wieczorek

    awesome. wish code artists chose/composed better music though. thats my only beef with projects like this. just because code is abstract doesn’t mean just throw bunch of noises and call it good. common guys :)

  • Jeanlouis Papier

    More interesting visually than musically, I wonder what are the rules for note triggering though.