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DMesh – Delaunay your photos directly on the iPhone

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DMesh, a custom software for Mac made using Cinder by Dofl Yun that analyzes an image and generate a triangle meshes with points (read post) is now also available for the iPhone. Just take a photo and DMesh analyzes your photo and convert it to a triangulated image. The images can then be saved to camera roll.

It’s also worth mentioning that DMesh for Mac is now also available in Pro version, allowing dynamic control of mesh density and sequence images Import/Export. Dofl has also been working on a feature requested by 3d animators to provide Collada file export for DMesh. Triangle meshes with color material could then be simply imported into apps like Cinema4D (see image below). Expect this in the future updates of DMesh Pro.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $0.99
Developer: Dofl Yun

DMesh for Desktop

  • Wheel

    Downloaded. Can someone point me to a manual or FAQ or something or at least explain how to save the images. On my iPad 2 wherever I click it just takes another photo, nothing shows up in Photos ?

  • Ricardo Sánchez Sotres

    Try my manual Delaunay Triangulation app, it’s been on the app store for a while now, version 2.0 on the works, it’s called Tres

  • Wheel

    OK. I worked it out. Drag up and release to save. Would have been easier if it was explained somewhere ;-)
    Hi Ricardo, thanks, i just tried your app, interesting, though i run out of points before i can get it to where i want.

  • Ricardo Sánchez Sotres

    Run out of points? There’s no point limit that I’m aware of. Just zoom in and keep adding points. There are some bugs though, sometimes if you place points too close together (without zooming in) it’ll crash. It’ll be fixed in version 2.