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A Different Twitter [WebApps]


twitterlogoIt could be said that Twitter API and the simplicity of the platform has made Twitter the great social platform it is today. It’s a great example that to create a successful social platform is not necessarily about the features but how agile the platform is for it’s users. Whilst there are many different uses to twitter, here, we bring you a few “different” ways twitter has been used to either change how we think about objects that surround us or the way we may begin to visualise relationships we create each day.




Twittering Plants using Botanicalls
Botanicalls Kits let plants reach out for human help! They offer a connection to your leafy pal via online Twitter status updates to your mobile phone. When your plant needs water, it will post to let you know, and send its thanks when you show it love. The first project was available on Make but much improved since then. You can now buy DIY kits.
plant00 plant02 plant03Â

Twitter Teddy Bear
Innovative 2.0 surgery on an old childhood friend. The result: a real-time Twittering, talking, live-streaming social media phenomenon. With help of the team at the Drexel Music and Entertainment Technology Lab to develop Teddy’s text-to-speech software comes a Teddy Bear that twitters your messages.


Keep Tab On Home Security With A Webcam And Twitter
Worried about someone breaking into your house in your absence? Or just need to keep a tab on who enters your room while you are away? Well, all you need is a webcam, a linux PC/laptop and a twitter account.Â

Twitter LED Scroller Build Log
Build a dot-matrix display of your twitter updates which scroll on by. Source code, schematics &  pictures for your new DIY weekend project.


Ganzbot: An Arduino robot who reads Twitter
This funny little robot has eyes, eyebrows and a mouth and will verbally read your latest Twitter status to you. It uses an Arduino Decima to control the head actions and receives the latest Twitter status information over USB from a host computer.


Twitter Friends Network Browser
Browse your networks and friends using this gorgeous interactive flash app.
twitterbrowser01 twitterbrowser02

Twittervision – Geo Twitter
Monitor tweets are they are posted on a map or 3d globe. We wrote about the iPhone app few months ago that you should also check out.Â

TwitArcs Visualising Repeat Terms
Enter a twitter ID with the leading ‘@’ or a word. Arcs are drawn on the left connecting people that are repeated and on the right for common repeated terms.Â

Xefer – Tweetering Patterns
See when a user most often twitters using this visual representation showing times and days of the week.Â

Twistori Message Filter
Twitter messages filtered by  the phrases “I love”, “I hate”, “I think”, “I believe”, “I feel” & “I wish”, and listed in a visual scrolling message ticker. You can also download a screensaver for Mac OSX here.

Twitwheel / Your Twitter Network
A visual representation in the form of a wheel of your twitter friends and their connections. Use to see which of your followers know each other (Note: the app loads 100 of your friends only, ie 100 requests so you will be without twitter for the next hour)

Want more? Twitter Fan Wiki and Twitter Blog are the places to go.