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Bits And Pieces – An organic wave of Hoberman Spheres

Currently on show at Berlin’s NOME Gallery is the latest work by Nils Völker titled Bits And Pieces. The installation consists out of 108 mass-produced toy spheres hanging in the middle of the exhibition space, individually addressable and controlled, to create organic waves that appear to move throughout the space.

Those mass-produced balls are made from countless interconnected colorful plastic levers and can expand itself to a multiple of their size. Each single sphere doesn’t do anything else than to expand and contract.

They are all hanging on Nylon strings in the middle of the space covering a surface of about 15 sqm. The other ends of the Nylon strings are attached to levers which are driven by servo motors. By rotating the lever to either side the ball expands or shrinks. On each module there are nine servo motors, a power supply and a custom made circuit board connecting the motors with an Arduino pro mini which is controlling the movements of each single motor.

The exhibition runs until 15. April  // from Tuesday to Saturday, 3 PM – 7 PM at
NOME, Dolziger St. 31, 10247 Berlin

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