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ExR3 at NODE Forum by Elliot Woods and Kyle McDonald

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ExR3 (∃x⊂ℝ³∶∀x′⊂ℝ³∶(‖x-x′‖<Ɛ)→(f(x)>f(x′))) is an a anamorphic analogue interactive installation created by Elliot Woods and Kyle McDonald and presented at NODE Forum earlier this year. Using digital techniques the installation occupies the main space of Frankfurter Kunstvertein existing coherently in a fractured, mirrored version of a reflected room visible from four points within the real space.

Standing in one of the four points, visitors see an abstract representation of the first four dimensions: a blue circle, a red line, a yellow square, a black cube. Pieces of every shape are visible from other positions, but appear chaotic. Similarly, the shapes in the real space seem to explode randomly from the mirrors due to the projective geometry. But there exist some positions in the real space that become completely coherent.

CAN was at NODE Forum and got a chance to speak to Kyle about the installation. The most intriguing part of the project to CAN is the process of how the installation was constructed. Whereas to the viewer the current exhibit is a unified experience, ie dots on the floor indicate where the installation should be viewed from to see the fully reconstructed shape, Elliot and Kyle used the projectors to ‘design’ where the exploded reflections in the room would be positioned. In other words, the decisions of the relationships between viewer > mirror > projection were produced for the space on the day of install. A different space would result in different projections around the space. Listen to the interview with Kyle below:

More photos of the install are available on Kyle’s flickr.

Elliot Woods | Kyle McDonald | NODE Forum