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Physical Sequencer aka Thump [oF, Sound, iPhone]



As a part of Yamaha/RCA’s “Making Fun Serious” exhibition at Chappell of Bond Street (a big old music shop), Marek Bereza created this sound sequencer installation which is controlled by reactive nodes spread across a two dimensional mesh. There were 8 steps in the sequence and 7 different sounds. Each cell has a depth sensor with which you can turn the cell on or off. The cells each have a light indicating whether they’re active or not and a light indicating the which part of the sequence you’re on. The concept belongs to Giuseppe Guerriero and the electronics hardware was done by Stefan Dzisiewski-Smith.

The application used for the installation derived from Marek’s iPhone application called Thump which has been available in the AppStore for few weeks now. Because Thump was built in openFrameworks, with extra audio IO functionality for iPhone it runs on iPhone, Mac and Windows, Marek built it to be portable, ie be used in different instances and is almost exactly the same code used for the Yamaha/RCA installation as for the iPhone.

Simultaneously, as a part of London Digital Week, Marek was also involved during Tent exhibition where created MultiThump, an app for a multitouch table. It ran on a Gesturetek multitouch table. Basically it was the Thump iPhone app, with the synthesis ripped out and replaced by MIDI (which fed a Max patch for sounds). Up to 3 people could use it as there were 3 separate piano rolls (the grid things), controlling drums, bass and synth. On the table there were 2D sliders to control effect parameters. As you approach the table, there’s an array of depth sensors wired into an arduino to detect your presence and respond by bringing up a piano roll. This was done freelance for a company called Seeper.

Thump for the iPhone is 16 step sequencer application and a pocket groove box. Completely built in openFrameworks it allows you to ceate huge basslines or warped synth sounds with the two polyphonic synthesizers onboard. Modeled on the classics, these synths offer a wide palette of sounds with its subtractive synthesis engine. Choose from 9 studio-quality different drumkits, create your own or share and download more. The sample-accurate sequencing engine ensures your beats are as tight as much as possible.

The app also allows you to upload your songs to thump’s website so you can share them with your friends. Because it’s built using openFrameworks is also runs on a Mac or Windows and you can download the free version of Thump here.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $3.99
Developer: Marek Bereza