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Power of One #Point – Refracting laser light installation by Shohei Fujimoto


Created by Shohei Fujimoto, Power of One #Point is an installation exploring input and output using laser and reflecting mirrors. Comprising a white laser, 40 stepper motors and 40 mirrors attached to them, the light endlessly reflects within the grid of rotating mirrors, casting deflected and refracted light onto the surfaces in the space.

The transitions therein, the value entered for the element group based on certain rules is increased or decreased. Elements one by one is a medium for receiving the value given to the elements of the other value being held. Transition value is input, decrease is repeated continuously quietly inside the element group, value was generated therein transitions as newly output from the inside to the outside, it may be a new input. Value that was born in a state of input, is allowed to collapse the relationship of output, was the coexistence of both do not ambiguous presence. (translated from Japanese)

The installation was shown at BankArt Gallery in Japan between 06-10 February 2013.

Shohei Fujimoto