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ScreenLab #2 – New work in the making

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For the past week, three artists have been working at the ScreenLab / MediaCityUK, Salford University, an internal artist in residence initiative by Elliot Woods and Kit Turner to explore modes of perception and interaction under the theme ‘Future of Broadcast’. The invited artists, Kyle McDonald (USA), Joanie Lemercier (France) and Joel Gethin Lewis (UK) have been developing open source tools and methods for future students and artists (on and off campus) to remix and re-use. This process includes contributions from a group of talented on-campus students within the arts and art-technology crossover and students are involved with not only learning, but also in the creation of new digital media techniques. The residency includes periodic quick-fire presentations and live blogging throughout the work period will also allow other students to understand the internals of how the final works are imagined and created.

Two teams are currently at play, overseen and supported by the events’ curator and participant Elliot Woods. Using the ‘Octave’, University of Salford’s state of the art virtual reality suite, Joanie Lemercier and Kyle McDonald inspired by the 360 B.C., philosopher Plato, are working on a project that evolves around four classical elements — earth, air, water and fire which take geometric form of four regular, convex polyhedrons in the immersive virtual reality environment.

The many-sided icosahedron are paired with water, as the shape itself tumbled and slipped easily; while the pyramid-like tetrahedron is associated with fire — its sharp corners causing the stabbing pain of heat. The fifth Platonic solid bound the others together: the dodecahedron was “used for arranging the constellations on the whole heaven”. The team is attempting to address issues where today’s science reduces the universe to different constituents, but geometric primitives survive within computational graphics as the building blocks of virtual worlds.

This piece by Joanie Lemercier and Kyle McDonald celebrates the five Platonic solids in an unusually immersive virtual reality environment: a space where, without geometric primitives, there would be nothing. Using 14 projectors mapped in a CAVE, with head tracking, projection mapping, stereo 3d, motion capture, and wave field synthesis, an absorbing audiovisual space is to be presented for explored by a single visitor.

At the new campus of University of Salford, the new MediaCityUK building, Joel Gethin Lewis is investigating extremely low light photography with the help of the photographer Richard Meftah. In collaboration with Sunjoy Prabakaran, he is also working on how one can simulate light beam effects on large scale projections, and how they can be controlled interactively, in real time.

Joel says he has always been most comfortable in the dark – “I’m definitely a night person. I must have spent days at home looking at the ceiling, watching reflected car headlights arcing over the ceiling of my bedroom. On the road  I love to black out my room, leaving only small gaps to allow beams to arc across the rear wall. Drifting off to sleep to dream of Priss, Ripley and other worlds created by my cinematic hero, Ridley Scott”

On Wednesday, 5th December, the artists and the public are invited to As Yet Impossible Series evening where they will both present the work and be involved in the discussion: ScreenLab 0x02 Residency & Panel Discussion. Guest panelists include Drew Hemment (UK) – artist, curator and researcher based in Manchester, Steve Symons (UK) – sound artist known for an innovative series of sonic augmented reality projects titled ‘aura’ and myself – Filip Visnjic (UK) – architect, lecturer, curator and new media technologist, editor-in-chief at CreativeApplications.Net, co-founder and curator at the art festival Resonate.

Date: Wednesday 5 December 2012 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Venue/Location: University of Salford, MediaCityUK, Salford, M50 2HE
Travel to MediaCityUK: http://www.salford.ac.uk/MediaCityUK/location

Admission to the ScreenLab 0x02 presentation and As Yet Impossible discussion is free. Register Here. Hope to see you there!

Artist links: Elliot Woods | Kyle McDonald | Joanie Lemercier | Joel Gethin Lewis

Find out more about ScreenLab Residency 0x02 MediaCityUK at:

To find out more about the As Yet Impossible series, go to:

ScreenLab MediaCityUK 0x01 on vimeo.

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