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The One-Way Ticket – Voyage into deep space with no return – DI RCA 2012

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First in the series of projects to be featured on CAN from the current Royal College of Art exhibition is “The One-Way Ticket” by Joseph Popper. The project examines notions and consequences of sending one person on a voyage into deep space from where they will not return. The idea of not coming back opens up an exceptional scenario, so far unprecedented in the history of human space travel.

Focusing on the experience of the lone astronaut, the exhibited works are a response to research into a range of human factors particular to the mission that also underline its extraordinary nature. Running parallel with this research was a production of film-making props, contraptions and sets, with the aim of presenting the scenario as a cinematic spectacle.

The final short film comprises a collection of episodes transmitted from the spacecraft constructed out of plywood, polystyrene, card and cup lids by Joseph. Based along the path of the mission trajectory, the images simulate the experience of being in space and also infer some of the unique psychological phenomena that could occur on a one-way trip.


Royal College of Art – Design Interactions 2012 – Exhibition opens tomorrow in Battersea. This year, the Royal College of Art’s annual summer show will include work by the greatest number of graduating students in the College’s 175-year history. Show RCA 2012 is to take place simultaneously in six buildings across the College’s two campuses in Battersea and Kensington. Design Interactions is located in Battersea. Click here for directions.