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Void – 3D robotic structure, suspended between buildings, paints with light

void_03 copy


Ever since Jürg Lehni‘s printer mechanic sculptures artists have been inspired to build own mechanical drawing bots. Hektor (with Uli Franke), followed by Rita, Viktor have not only been vertical representations of mechanical drawings devices such as traditional plotters but they have utilised a specific method of moving a single point over a flat surface by the means of triangulation. Instead of using x and y coordinates in a cartesian manner, they used gravity as an added value to the method of positioning a single point in 2-dimensional plane. It would have been a natural progression to utilise this method in 3d but unfortunately the project never came to life.

Created by Wit Pimkanchanapong for the Aichi Triennale 2013,  “Void” is a large scale mechanical structure that uses 8 synchronized winches system, suspended from 8 corner of the cubical space to produce light paintings over the public parking lot in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Wit worked in collaboration with Bangkok-based engineers to create a flying object/creature that can freely fly over an entire above ground space (6.5×9.5×13.5 meter, WxHxD) through the use of eight synchronized control custom made winches.

The centre of the creature includes a light which when moved and photographed using long exposure creates three-dimensional drawings in space.


See also rAndom International’s “The Fly” from 4th Moscow Biennale.