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Big Brother – Paranoïa [openFrameworks, Events]


Niklas Roy has just sent us details of his “My Lttle Piece of Privacy” project Ver 2 now making it’s way accross France for a number of exhibition in Créteil, Maubeuge and Lille. Named “Big Brother” (as it is about 10cm wider than the one in his workshop window) uses a Makita drilling machine motor. All the coded has been rewritten: The machine vision software is now coded in C++ (with OpenFrameworks) as there were some stability problems with the former Processing application. As a plus, it also performs faster with a top speed of ~3m/sec, which basically positions the curtain more precise. The microcontroller codes are also written from scratch. The old version had some servo adjustment potis inside the control box (for the PID settings). Now, the maintenance interface is completely screen based. Niklas has implemented a simple but powerful protocoll for the communication between Laptop and controller. Via this protocoll, not only position data is transmitted, but also all servo parameters – which are then stored in the controller’s internal EEPROM.

All the code, schematics, plans and plenty of other useful documents are available online for download. I especially enjoy the “IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS THAT THE SERVO SETTINGS ARE CRITICAL. WRONG SETTINGS CAN RESULT IN THE SERVO’S SELF DESTRUCTION.” note in the documentation.

The curtain will be shown soon at the travelling exhibition “Paranoia”, full exhibition available here (pdf).
Dates are:
March 10th-20th, Maison des Arts Créteil
March 24th – April 3rd, Le Manège de Maubeuge
April 13th – August 14th, Gare St. Sauveur, Lille

The exhibition is curated by Charles Carcopino.