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F**k You, Buddy [openFrameworks, Events]


Created by recoil performance group from Denmark, F**k You, Buddy is a physical performance in combination of interactive video scenography. We wrote about the project back in January and now the video with behinds the scenes (embeded below) + details of the setup are available. The interactive/stage tracking and projections were coded by Ole Kristensen and Jonas Jongejan including a custom framework for a modular app combining openFrameworks and cocoa gui, controllable via midi. The set-up includes infrared lights, led par 64 cans (dmx from our own arduino) and two panasonic projectors on stage.

The software is open source and we are very grateful to the openFrameworks community, whose efforts form the basis of our programming work. The software for Fuck You Buddy builds on our move into Cocoa and Objective-C from the Frost performance. We intergrate openFrameworks into a cocoa-based Mac OS X Snow Leopard application running on a mac pro seeing the dancers through a Point Grey Flea 2 IEEE 1394b camera, showing the openGL graphics using two video projectors, shooting diagonally onto a white square of dance floor. The projectors have 0.7 wide angle optics and the software is qued from qLab using apple’s midi networking capabilities.

Links: … -you-buddy

To download code for the project head over to
The team are also planning to make their ofxCocoaPlugins gui code available for general consumption very soon.

recoil is a Copenhagen based performance group. The group was formed in 2003 by choreographer Tina Tarpgaard and composer Pelle Skovmand, with the intention of establishing collaboration between artists across genre and borders. Through dance, live video and electronic sound, we create performances that aim to explore technology as an equal and interactive partner to the performing artist’