Resonate 2016 / 12–16 April / Belgrade

Resonate is back to celebrate its fifth anniversary in Belgrade from 12th to 16th of April,  2016, providing an insight into the current developments in the fields of digital culture, visual arts and music.

Guest artists, designers, researchers & educators will participate in a forward-looking debate on the position of technology in art and culture.

Participants of Resonate’s 2016 Conference include: Nicholas Felton, Moment Factory, Chris Sugrue, Pablo Garcia, Romain Tardy, Kimchi And Chips, Murat Pak, Atau Tanaka, Daniel Hirschmann, Phoenix Perry, Rebecca Fiebrink, Artists & Engineers, Domestic Data Streamers, Ishac Bertran, Bethany Koby (Technology Will Save Us), Andreas Müller, Karsten Schmidt, Neil Mendoza, Darsha Hewitt, Jonathan Wohl, Random Studio, Pe Lang, Memo Akten, James Auger, Shane Walter, onedotzero, Jakob Bak (CIID), Dennis P Paul (HfK), Joreg (vvvv), Cathrine Kramer, Playmodes, Kevin Walker (RCA), Daniel Sciboz (HEAD), Gael Hugo (ECAL) + Many more.

Resonate’s 2016 Live includes performances by: Squarepusher, Omar Souleyman, Holly Herndron, Alec Empire, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Rashad Becker, Ninos Du Brasil, Daniel Miller, Pierre Bastien, Dopplereffekt, Dadub, Peter Van Hoesen, Jan Nemecek + Many more.

At its educational core, Resonate offers a wide variety of Workshops. Applications for Resonate 2016 FREE workshops are now closed. However there are still a few tickets available for intensive workshops. These workshops provide participants with deep understanding of the subjects and cost 150-250 EUR. Places are available at first come first serve basis.

Wear Your Tech / Daniel Hirschmann 


This is a design and technology workshop – in equal parts. It will focus on one of the most intimate kinds of technology, the wearable. We will use design thinking methods, rapid prototyping and human centered technology to push the boundaries and create a collection of wearable prototypes.

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Next Generation Visual Programming with VL / Elias Holzer & Sebastian Gregor 


With vvvv we’ve been on a mission to tackle those issues for around 15 years. In April 2015 we released a preview of VL, our new approach to visual programming that we claim will solve many of the known problems and open visual programming to a wider range of audiences.

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Volt, Amp, Synth & Sound / Joshua Noble 


Deep down inside code is really just electricity and that means if you have a way to control electricity you have a way to make input, logic, and output without any code at all. All you need is electronics to structure electricity.

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Building Universes for M-O: A 28-iPad Sculpture / Travis Kirton, Jake Lim & Logic&Form 


Ever had the chance to design an interactive experience for 28 iPads? Now you do. M-O is a new interactive installation that, at its core, is a distributed multitouch screen made up of over two dozen tablets that wirelessly synchronizes interaction and animations across all its screens.

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Embedded music: Baremetal ARM programming with / Karsten Schmidt 


This workshop will introduce you to the exciting world of programming ARM embedded devices outside the world of Arduino, working ‘baremetal’ with the powerful ARM Cortex-M processor family.

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Resonate 2016 educational partners include: ECAL, HEAD, CIID, RCA, Goldsmiths University, HfK and UdK.

More information can be found here.

Resonate is also for the first time involved in two European projects, partnering with other festivals and institutions world-wide. Both projects will be present within Resonate’s 2016 programme.


We Are Europe, a collaborative project that gathers together c/o pop (Cologne, Germany), Elevate (Graz, Austria), Insomnia (Tromsø, Norway), Nuits sonores (Lyon, France), Resonate (Belgrade, Serbia), Reworks (Thessaloniki, Greece), Sónar (Barcelona, Spain) and TodaysArt (The Hague, Netherlands) and aims to develop a prospective vision of electronic culture, technology and entrepreneurship, contributing to positive new social and political developments with an interdisciplinary approach.


The European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation (ENCAC) intends to foster innovation based on a combination of the knowledge, experience and resources of its members. Their different natures contribute a interdisciplinary and complementary vision. Their contribution to the process of creators, in the various fields covered by the project (i.e. research, production, education and dissemination of the new audiovisual practices) will result in a more effective implementation of innovative solutions that can be exported, that are sustainable and that bring the new audiovisual culture closer to the general public and to the audiovisual industry.

ENCAC partners include: Ars Electronica, Mapping Festival Gèneve, LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, LEV festival, humain TROP humain (hTh), Le Lieue Unique, DISK, Avatar, ELEKTRA & MUTEK