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RGB+Depth Workshop with James George and Alexander Porter – Barcelona, Spain / 28th April


photo by TELLART

In case you missed Resonate festival and live in Barcelona this is your opportunity to participate at RGB+Depth workshop lead by James George and Alexander Porter. Taking place this coming Saturday and Sunday (28th,29th April) at Hangar Barcelona-Spain, James and Alexander will introduce you to this exciting new form of filmmaking using Kinect and DSLR.

“We will show how to use the new RGBDToolkit, an open source and cross platform (windows+osx) system for calibrating, capturing, and visualizing Kinect data combined with HD video creating a unique hybrid of video and 3d graphics. The workshop will be two days. The first we’ll learn the RGBD workflow hands on, from camera mounting and calibration to shooting and rendering techniques. The second day we will use the data captured from the day before, openFrameworks hackers will pair up with designers and videographers to dig into the RGBDToolkit code. Together we’ll create new expressive ways of remixing data with generative and dynamic effects.”

Price for Saturday and Sunday: 125 euros €25 per day

Intended for audiovisual artists and filmmakers as well as software programmers, there is no coding experience necessary to take the workshop.

For more information see and if interested send a RSVP note to james@jamesgeorge.