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Technarte – International Conference on Art and Technology, 19/20 May 2016, Bilbao

After having celebrated its 10th anniversary with a commemorative edition in Los Angeles (California) the International Conference on Art and Technology will be held again in Bilbao (Spain) gathering the most outstanding artists and technologists creating a union between art, science and technology. A two-day conference programme with international artists, scientists, researchers, technologists and academics will gather to show the most innovative and amazing projects linking their respective fields. Technarte is an event that offers people the opportunity to enjoy professional and inspiring networking between speakers and attendees. It is a place where new projects, professional relationships and innovative ideas that revolutionize the artistic, technological and scientific scene arise.

In this new edition of Technarte, disciplines such as Human Computer Interaction, Wearable Technology Art, Fashion Tech, Interaction Design, Smart Materials, Emotional Machines, Interactive Interfaces, Interactive Cinema, Art and Robotics and Digital Design among others will be highlighted. The second day of the conferences will focus on The Future of Wearable Tech through Art, with the participation of some of the most renowned artists around the world talking about smart materials, fashion tech or responsive wearables as well as many other technologies. The awarded artists Behnaz Farahi, Elena Corchero and Aki Innomata and many more, will talk about the creative and technological processes of their art projects, together with one of the most important theorist in Architecture and Digital Design around the world, Britain’s, Neil Leach.

↑ Why Not Hand Over a “Shelter” to Hermit Crabs? By Aki Inomata

Fashion and Wearable Tech and Human Computer Interaction

This aspect of the conference will focus the Caress of the Gaze and other fashion related projects. Caress of the Gaze is a printed digitally artificial skin which meets the gaze of people and makes them think about different concepts like intimacy, sex or personal identities. The Iranian architect and interactive designer Behnaz Farahi, who currently lives in US, works with these concepts in order to improve the relationship between human beings and the environment, through the design inspired by natural systems.

Digital Design and Mathematics

Merging digital design, algorithm, art and science, Furnished Fluid was created by the Japanese artist and engineer Akira Wakita in order to make visible the airflows that we are practically unaware of in our daily lives. By applying fluid simulation technology — with seemingly no relation to daily life — to the objects overflowing in our surroundings, the complex and elaborate air flow and ecosystem that are invisible to the naked eye but present all around us are made apparent.

More than 15 presentations, networking area, exhibitions and much more!

During two days, artists, students and professors from Universities around the world, experts of Technological Research Centers and Art and Technologic world professionals will meet in Bilbao, Spain, to share their vision about the artistic and technological universe. It is also a great opportunity to enjoy professional and inspiring networking during the included lunches and social events with the speakers and attendees in Bilbao (Spain), a European capital full of gastronomy, architecture, culture and leisure.

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WHAT?: Technarte, International Conference on Art and Technology

WHEN?: 19th and 20th of May. 2016

WHERE? Bizkaia Aretoa, Bilbao (Spain)


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