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10 Most Memorable Projects of 2015

As 2015 winds down we look back at almost 200 extraordinary projects we’ve covered this year on CAN. And as is the case every year, picking the ten ‘best’ is hard if not impossible, as each of them has driven the conversation around the state of art and design in their own unique way. And yet, the following ten works stuck with us and, if anything, make great starting points for reflection and inspiration as we head into the new year. Until we continue our coverage in early January: happy holidays and thank you all for a great 2015!

Ethical Things – Simone Rebaudengo & Matthieu Cherubini

Ethical Things is a project that explores the effects of autonomous systems of the future, speculating on how complex algorithms may not only be concerned with decisions we can’t solve but also with the mundane and insignificant tasks and objects that occupy everyday lives. Simone Rebaudengo & Matthieu Cherubini ask how these complex autonomous systems are ever going to be able to solve problems without being able to provide objective answers since the nature of ethics is very subjective. Read more →

uniMorph – Felix Heibeck, Basheer Tome and Clark Della Silva

Supervised by Hiroshi Ishii at the MIT’s Tangible Media Group, uniMorph is an enabling technology for rapid digital fabrication of customized thin-film shape-changing interfaces. Working with easily available materials and reproducible techniques, uniMorph leverages the simple unimorph actuation principle that can be found in bi-metals and combines it with the thermoelectric characteristics of copper and creates passive and active shape-actuation of thin flexible sheets and circuits. Read more →

Cuckoo – Jochen Maria Weber

Cuckoo is a communication device that uses public social networks as a means of private communication. Cuckoo encrypts messages into randomly generated words, meanings and noise in order to scatter them over multiple communication networks simultaneously. Each letter of an original message gets translated into complex forms of certain length forming new sentences. Those sentences get posted to aforementioned social networks, next to randomly generated noise-sentences for distraction. Read more →

[BRDG020] Lilium – Kenichi Yoneda and BRDG

Lilium is an audio-visual experiment that combines Kynd’s research into watercolour simulation with the music by Yaporigami/Yu Miyashita. The video draws from previous work and is composed of many individual objects in openFrameworks that are fed with transformed sound data and drawn. One of the layers is just used as a canvas or paper for rendering (on which, watercolor-like breeding is applied with shaders), and the other serves as a force map and used to move the pixels in the rendered image to add water looking distortion (the effect is visible when bubble or ripple like thing happens). Read more →

GLASS / G3DP – MIT Media Lab’s Mediated Matter Group

Supervised by Neri Oxman, GLASS / G3DP is a additive manufacturing process that enables 3D printing of optically transparent glass that also allows tunability by geometrical and optical variation that drives form, transparency, color variation, reflection and refraction. The platform is based on a dual heated chamber concept. It synthesizes modern technologies, with age-old established glass tools and technologies producing novel glass structures with numerous potential applications. Read more →

Kabbalistic Synthesizer – Sam Conran

The Kabbalistic Synthesizer is a is a musical instrument that uses the combination of electric signals to build and create sound bottom up using its raw basic elements. It replaces all usual functions of a regular synthesizer, signal, noise, ADSR, gate and keyboard with alternatives that are generated by live macrocosmic phenomena. The result is a synth that operates itself with waveforms generated by the Earth’s magnetic field, noise via magnetic storms of Jupiter and keyboard via cosmic rays. Read more →

Satelliten – Quadrature

Satelliten is a custom-built machine that brings the invisible movement of passing satellites in lower orbit to a tangible medium and scale. The paths these satellites form on top of the familiar neighbourhoods but majority of these objects revolve our planet in 200km to 2000km height, with an orbital period of 90 to 130 minutes and they are most of the time invisible to human eye. Their positioning data is well known and in a square of approximately 10cm², the Satelliten machine traces their lines in real time until the far away object leaves our horizon again. After a while only a black square is left forming a temporal window, showing the seemingly arbitrary but highly structured activities in lower earth orbit. Read more →

Possible, Plausible, Potential – Miguel Nóbrega

Possible, Plausible, Potential is a set of three series of isometric drawings generated by code and printed with colored markers on a plotter machine. In these drawings, Miguel explores a bridge between the iterative aspect of algorithms and the utopian aspect of modern architecture. Each drawing is a unique variation of the same set of rules and carefully placed random decisions. Read more →

483 Lines – Kimchi and Chips

483 Lines is the latest installation by Seoul based studio Kimchi and Chips (Elliot Woods and Mimi Son) and is comprised of 483 nylon threads with projections calibrated in 3D to the 16m threads using Rulr, an open source node-based toolkit developed by the studio. The artwork 483 lines magnifies this analogue video picture until it is 16 meters wide, and then folds this image several times so that it fits vertically into the gallery space, therein adding oscillations of depth into the image which can be activated by ‘tuning’ the projected video to match these waves. Read more →

In the Eyes of the Animal – Marshmallow Laser Feast

In the Eyes of the Animal is the latest installation by Marshmallow Laser Feast, commissioned by the AND Festival and set in Grizedale Forest, the Lake District forest in the UK. The project takes visitors on a fascinating journey that allows them to fly above the forest canopy, come face-to-face with hi-definition critters and embody various animals as they traverse the Grizedale landscape. Read more →

See you in 2016! // *.++ //

Notes: Cover image for this post was created using the Generative Typography tutorial by Amnon Owed.

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  • kre

    Lilium is amazing! Reminds me of Chris Cunningham.