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Senseless Drawing Bot #2 by Takahiro Yamaguchi and So Kanno

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Senseless Drawing Bot #2 is the new version of it’s predecesor, version #1 created by Takahiro Yamaguchi and So Kanno. As with the version #1, the machine is built around the similar concept – to produce highly unpredictable results using the inertia generated by movement. The first version used the liner movement to swing spray-can equipped mechanical arms where the new version uses the power of high pressure (water) washers to move them vertically.  The new build, like the first one, uses Arduino and servos to pull the lever for each.

Developed and showed @ Tokyo Graphic passport
Developed for Trans Arts Tokyo
Filming by Takayuki Miyatake
Music by Matthewdavid

Takahiro YamaguchiSo Kanno

Takahiro Yamaguchi aka yang02: Completed design major in Information Design at the Tama Art University Graduate School in 2009: Expressions and characters associated with the physicality, the main keyword and the public, and works / studies and digital media substrate. He is received Art Division Newcomer Award 2012 Japan Media Arts Festival. He has published numerous works participate (Seoul, Korea), etc., in national and international festivals and exhibitions Mediacity Seoul 2012.

So Kanno: Produces works using electronic circuits and programming, having graduated major in media representation at the Graduate School of Representation (IAMAS) from the Department of Media Arts and Sciences University Graduate School of Design and Information Musashino. Works combine multiple technologies developed through live performances and workshops.


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