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Depict1 [Games, Flash]


The team behind the IGF nominated game Snapshot Retro Affect just released a Flash version of their platform puzzler Depict1. It was originally created with Game Maker for the Global Game Jam 2010 and perfectly captured the game jam’s theme “deception”.

A voice is guiding you through the game world, but constantly giving false advise – reminding a lot of the AI character GLaDOS in Valve’s Portal. Depict1 is definitely a unique game though as it takes all the game design conventions you learned about platformers like Super Mario World and turns them upside down. The game features an auto-save system and two different endings. If you want to skip the ads in the Flash version, you can also download the Windows version of the game for free.

  • john

    Getting bored of “deep” 2D platformers, must have played 20 of then in the past year. Also the lying voiceover was done much better in Portal

  • Hi,

    Its lovely game guys, I love it, Depict1 is one of the my favorite games, because it has lots of fun and entertainment, no one can feel bore while playing it.