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DestroyTwitter [Air]


In the last few months there has been an incredible amount of Twitter clients available for all platforms. From mobile to desktop, Twitter is currently the place to go for all the latest news. There has also been an increasing number of new Twitter users using the platform as a RSS reader getting the news delivered right to the desktop even before the RSS reader has had a chance to refresh. Celebrities have joined which means an overwhelming number of mainstream web users are joining the twittersphere too. When it comes to the apps, there has been a lot to choose from. Currently those that attract most attention are Tweetdeck and most recently EventBox. Whilst both applications look at ways of integrating other platforms (Tweetdeck-Facebook and 12 Seconds, EventBox-Facebook, Flickr, RSS), there is one application, developing at incredible pace, that core aim is to make a perfect Twitter client: DestroyTwitter.

Created by Jonnie Hallman, a web designer, programmer, and photographer at Shaw Jelveh Design, DestroyTwitter is a compact Twitter application built to run on Mac, Windows, and Linux using Adobe AIR. When first released back in January (1.0.0 Beta), DestroyTwitter was a simple twitter client offering only a set of basic features you get in most twitter clients. Since this original release and the latest 1.4.4, DestroyTwitter has come a long way, incorporating many of the features users request with the revision history growing at incredible pace. It is safe to say that DestroyTwitter has matured into an incredible full featured Twitter client.


When first introduced it was apparent that DestroyTwitter is aimed at the creative audience. Almost minimal interface with striking dark grey and teal colour scheme with smooth transitions between each pane made DestroyTwitter stand out from other Air clients. Considering Jonnie is also a Flash designer, it is no wonder that the application has a special creative feel to it. This is evident is the way you navigate each pane with smooth transitions going from left to right for basic panes and when clicked on a user, down and up on return. This whole navigation method makes it easy and very pleasurable way to access different functionality in the app. It doesn’t take much to understand that inclusion of multiple columns in the app is the response to requests from Tweetdeck users but once you get the hang of shortcuts they are hardly necessary. Nevertheless a feature useful for those coming from Tweetdeck.


Where Tweetdeck features groups, Jonnie has taken an interesting route with DestroyTwitter trying to resolve problems for users with many friends on twitter. It was one of my first comments when the app was released as to me having groups and a way to filter users was one features I could not do without. Instead of incorporating groups you have an option to create two additional lists; one that only includes people you specify or the other that excludes those that generate noise. This features works great for both those with many friends and for those with very few. If you feel that you want to read tweets from only a few of your friends you can by adding them to the include list and if you have only few friends you can easily exclude those you feel are tweeting to often and cluttering your feed. To navigate the lists is very easy by pressing command+option “i” for include list and command+option “e” for the exclude. If you want to see all the tweets that is as easy as command+option “a”.

The recent 1.4 version has brought us themes. Already many available, you can now customize how your DestroyTwitter looks. If you feel like you wanted to change a theme already available, all you need is a text editor. Things don’t stop there. New version (1.5) comes with the theme changer and the there is a whole new website created by Jonnie solely dedicated to DestroyTwitter with a theme builder and theme download section.


It only takes a glance over what is expected in the next version of the app to get incredibly excited. What at first only appeared as a slick twitter client has grown into a serious application.

Whether you are a twitter addict or just a casual user, you will love DestroyTwitter. With updates coming and Jonnie commitment to further development and the community, DestroyTwitter is a must for everyone.

Also make sure you check out DestroyFlickr - alternative method for viewing and sharing Flickr content as well as the ‘Lab‘ section of Jonnie’s website showing some fantastic flash experiments and few other goodies on DestroyToday.

Platform: Adobe Air / Mac/Windows/Linux
Version: 1.4.4
Cost: Freeware
Developer: DestroyToday
Download DestroyTwitter

Posted on: 22/03/2009

Posted in: Flash

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