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Inside a Dead Skyscraper [Flash, Not-Games]


New from Molleindustria:

What if the term “music video game” didn’t evoke images of bored college kids fiddling with pathetic plastic guitars emulating the last heroes of a declining music industry? What if indie game developers allied with indie musicians, making odd games promoting odd and unknown music while still keeping their creative autonomy the way the best music-video directors have been doing for decades? What if a song (not its beats, not its spectrum, not its amplitude!) was dictating the content of a game and not the other way around? These are the convoluted questions that the convoluted not-game/interactive-music-video “Inside a dead skyscraper” is trying to answer! May your eyebrows raise to the sky!

Inside a Dead Skyscraper

(thanks Paolo)

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  • Matthewjacob

    Just because Molle puts a “this is not a game” disclaimer up front doesn't stop it from being what it is: A tasteless way to sell some records.

  • Dave

    I concur. This is utterly tasteless.

  • I don’t like this game. I think even a child can’t enjoy playing this game.