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Jared Tarbell [Profile, Events]


I have been following his work for some time now (10 years) but recently, at Flashbelt,  I had a pleasure of meeting Jared Tarbell and was deeply touched by his inquisitive nature. If you have seen Jared speak, or even better have met him, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. His talk, beautifully executed, took us on a journey from the images of sun, recursion experiments to geodesic spheres and beautifully crafted laser-cut boxes. Some of this work was from a while ago, by no means new, nevertheless composed and contextualised into a perfect harmony. He talked about inspiration driven from nature, observing plants and different organisms inhabiting our planet, the way these patterns evolve, scale, the logic behind them and visual aesthetic they posses. His desire to “replicate” or “evolve” these, poeticising their nature,  results in an endless collection of experiments driven by his algorithms left me breathless. Some of these were created using Flash, others with Processing but regardless of tools used it is their prescribed evolution and aesthetic derived therein they all devise an ecology of beautifully developed and executed work.

He modestly writes:
I write computer programs to create graphic images.  With an algorithmic goal in mind, I manipulate the work by finely crafting the semantics of each program. Specific results are pursued, although occasionally surprising discoveries are made. I believe all code is dead unless executing within the computer. For this reason I distribute the source code of my programs in modifiable form. Modifications and extensions of these algorithms are encouraged.

Born in 1973 in the high altitude desert city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jared Tarbell was first introduced to personal computers in 1987. Working mostly with flash and generative art, in July 2005, Jared co-founded Etsy, an online marketplace to buy and sell handmade goods. Etsy has grown significantly since then and now has approximately 60 employees and sales of $10 to 13 million per month (wiki). Jared continues to work there today, building tools and visualizations for shoppers. Jared holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from New Mexico State University and sits on the Board of the Austin Museum of Digital Art. When not engaged in programming, Jared nearly always tries to find himself outside, exploring the mysterious wilderness areas of New Mexico together with his wife Laurie where they moved to few years ago. He is not accepting any work at this time nor is any of his work available for purchase. I have been told getting hold of these can be somewhat tricky but his code is openly available for download (+). Jared does regularly give talks and my understanding is that Flash on the Beach in Brighton, UK is next. If you live in the UK, this is definitely worth a visit and rest assured I will be making my way down to say hello.
Jared’s Flickr

Jared’s publications:
New Masters of Flash 2004, APress ISBN forthcoming
Flash 3D Cheats Most Wanted
, APress ISBN 1590592212 
The Hidden Power of Flash Components, Sybex ISBN 0782142109
Fresh Flash: New Design Ideas
, Friends of ED ISBN 1903450993 
Flash Math Creativity,
Friends of ED ISBN 1903450500

Here is one of Jared’s geodesic sphere’s assembled by Ralph Hauwert.

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