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Light Invaders [Flash, WebApp, openFrameworks]


Designed by Superscript² who also created the flash animation generator and developed by Martial Geoffre-Rouland into an openFrameworks app, Light Invaders is a project to let the users to create animations online and then dispatch it during the DJ sets adding more interaction ( sound, transitions, colors, perspective, svg shapes, etc.. ). To achieve this the team used 40 squared meters of Stealth Led, divided into 8 panels. This was controlled via a midi controller or able to be set to automatic mode. openFrameworks was used to create the light installation, working perfectly 10 hours during the 3 nights of Nuits Sonores 2010 Festival in Lyon.

More videos during the festival here :

A list of all the animations and where you can also create your own, can be found here :

If you want to look at the oF source code, just drop Martial an email on oF forum here.

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