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Venus & Jesus [Flash, openFrameworks]


Posted on the rhizomatiks blog few days ago is the latest project by the team including a prototype flash application to visualise video in three dimensions with a number of parameters that can be modified in real time. The application was designed for the new music video of  japanese artist Yakushimaru Etsuko called Venus & Jesus. The pixels in the video can be offset in 3D according to their colour value, converted into circles, hearts or stars, video plane twisted and much more.

Consequently it also appears that an openFrameworks version of the application was also developed to increase performance for additional visual effects. The app utilises 3D scanning techniques developed by Kyle McDonald (see this article on CDM + instructable).

You can try the flash application by visiting yakushimaruetsuko.com/yksmr3dscan/. For openFrameworks version see images below.

See also the preview of the final video here (iTunes) or the youtube version embeded below.

Flash Programming: Satoshi HORII
oF Programming: Daito Manabe + 2bit Ishii
Video: Muryo Homma
Video asistant: Yasushi Fukuzawa
Graphic design support: Iria Ashimine and Ichiro Kojima
Test model: Inochin, Chiho and Nobuko

  • Zach

    the last 5 seconds of the music video is a nice OF shout out — including some ofxControlPanel views and even xcode :)

  • Yes, a nice touch =]

  • I'm really glad to see more work in this direction…

    I'm honored to be connected to this, but I don't think they were using my structured light scanning tools. They might have used some DOF rendering techniques I shared on the OF forums, though.