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140 – Minimalistic platformer by Jeppe Carlsen

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140 is an upcoming platform game developed by Jeppe Carlsen, known for his gameplay direction for Playdead’s Limbo. The game is described as a “minimalistic platformer“, using electronic music to create synesthesia as the player manipulates their avatar, a character that can take on several basic geometric shapes.

Carlsen described the gameplay as like “an old school platformer”, but where the challenge is “in syncing up your moves and jumps to the music-controlled elements”; as the player progresses through a level, the music will change reflecting the difficulty of the platforming elements.

The idea originally grew out of Carlsen’s attempt at an old school platformer that involved throwing a ball that would travel in straight lines and bounce off walls to trigger effects. As he started to add audio samples to the game, he found an interesting juxaposition between the normal platform elements and the music, where the level would “dance to the music”, and refocused the game towards its final form. Carlsen had worked on the title for about two years, and enlisted the help of Jakob Schmid, a college friend and fellow employee at Playdead, who created all music and sound for the game, and Niels Fyrst and Andreas Peiterson for art. Carlsen expects to release the title in 2013. (source Wiki)

140 won the “Excellence in Audio” category for the 2013 Independent Games Festival awards, and was an honorary mention in the “Technical Excellence” category.

Created using Unity.

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