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Coloroll [iPhone, Games]



Coloroll is a simple but beautiful color matching game brought to you by soulbit7. You start with the base colors that are the root of the game. From these three colors, Coloroll suggests a target color. Your goal is to match the mixing area to the target color by adding and reducing portions from the three base colors. Once you succeed in matching the target, Coloroll gives yo a new target to match. Don’t like the target color? Drag the target down to the cube and Coloroll will generate a new color.

After you successfully match three colors, you move to the selection screen. This is a crucial part of the game. By selecting three new colors, you keep the game open and versatile, while by slelecting nuances of the colors you have just worked with, you go deeper into the nuances of color. Each time you finish a level, Coloroll divides the pallet a step further, making the game more challenging and interesting, and taking you deeper into the kingdon of colors.

Simple, clean, bold with wonderful screen transitions. There is also a lite version to download so no reason why not try today.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 2.0
Cost: $0.99
Developer: Quill Pen Studio