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Edge [iPad, iPhone, Games]


It’s been a long wait but we all knew it was coming. Edge from Mobigame is now available for the iPad. It is one of those games that should probably ship installed on iPhone and iPads and personally one of my favorite games ever made for the platform. This is what we wrote back in January 2009:

Edge adopts slightly retro graphics, consistent throughout the interface and gameplay. Beautifully designed menus, icons and the levels make the game truly enjoyable. A nice addition is the tilt controls although it is something we can see using once we have completed all the levels, which definitely adds to the replay value. We were also very pleased to see that should you make an error and fall off the “edge” you continue where you left of rather than restarting the level. This allows you to take more risks which is great and not be too worried if you miss the edge. Perfection, of course, is the key and your movement through the level for your cube to be in harmony with the landscape.

Edge won many awards and in case you haven’t played it yet, there is no longer any excuse. It is universal and available both for the iPhone and iPad.

What’s new:
-Faster, Better, Stronger!
– General Performance Improved
– 5 unlocked levels instead of 1
– New login screen to send your score with iOS4
– Optimized for Retina display
– Optimized for iPad

“Milthon Award for Best Mobile Game”. (Festival du Jeu Video). Awarded at the International Mobile Gaming Award in the “Excellence in gameplay” category. Triple finalist in IGF mobile 2009. Named by Apple as one of their 30 “Favorite Games” on the App Store’s first birthday.

Platform: iPhone/iPad (Universal)
Version: 1.5
Cost: $2.99
Developer: Mobigame

  • Ashley

    LOVE IT. Any chance of building an Android version down the road?