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Eliss [iPhone]

Eliss [iPhone]

Eliss [iPhone]

Nominated for the IGF Innovation in Mobile Game Design’ award, Eliss is a multi-touch game for the iPhone where the task is to keep up harmony in an odd universe made of blendable planets.

Touch-control multiple planets at once, join them together into giant orbs or split them up into countless dwarf planets, and match their size with the squeesars. Wipe off the stardust, resist to the attraction of the vortex and other space phenomena, and slow down the passage of time. Eliss is a wonderfully designed game, with a slightly retro feel reminiscent of Battlezone, first vector graphics arcade game from the ’80, but again a very contemporary feel and gameplay. Included are 20 levels that will require creative ways, speed and strategies complete them.

I am currently on sector three and first meeting with the vortex phenomenon. Whilst the first two sectors seemed pretty easy the third is another story. Vortex pulls planets together whilst you desperately try to keep them apart. Every time the collide, you loose life and, honestly, there isn’t much of it. With other effects to come such as stardust I look forward to see what’s in store. I am absolutely loving what I am seeing where the music, gameplay and graphics really play together in harmony. Considering there are 20 levels in total, I am sure Eliss will keep me busy for a while.

Eliss is a prime example of great iPhone app development. Highly polished, fantastic sounds and music, innovative use of multi-touch controls and gorgeous graphics, make Eliss, most probably, one of the most creative and innovative games in the AppStore. One and only, it’s a must!

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $3.99
Developer: Steph Thirion