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Empty Black by Mary Rose Cook – Fun HTML5 2D platform shooter

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We don’t often come across games created in HTML5, especially those that leave a strong impression, but Empty Black by Mary Rose Cook is one special exception. In this minimal but rich platformer you play a square, throw crates to solve puzzles, use bullets, bombs, swords, missiles. Most fun we’ve had playing with a square in a long time.

indiegames asked creator Mary Rose Cook about the health meters which are especially fun since the health chips from the square’s body.

“The health being shown as part of the squares’ bodies was an idea that slowly evolved. I didn’t want to show any HUD graphics at all. So, initially, health wasn’t shown at all. But that was weird. So I added little health bars to the upper half of the squares. I then realised I could make it so pieces of the bodies were taken away until there was nothing left.”

Empty Black is most definitely worth giving a go. It may look simple but it’s an exception amongst HTML5 games.

Created using  Andro.js, a JavaScript library Mary Rose Cook created that helps you compose objects from fragments of behaviour.

Empty Black | Mary Rose Cook

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