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Faraway [iPhone, iPad, Games]


Steph Thirion has just posted a new video teaser for his upcoming game Faraway. For those that are unfamiliar with the name, Steph is the person behind Eliss, one of the earliest and probably best games for the iOS platform. The trailer below was all made in code, an uncut programming sequence. No video editors were used.

The game is due for release this fall on iOS. Specific date and platform are yet to be announced. Likewise, Indie Fund has announced today its support in Faraway:

The game will also be playable this week at PAX together with exclusive toys/tshirts made for the event:

Screenshots and Video via TouchArcade.

In Faraway, you control a comet by activating a gravitational pull by simply pressing a single button. Each time, it activates a gravitational pull to the nearest star. Using well timed presses, you can slingshot your comet into the right direction. The goal is to create as many complex constellations in the time allotted. Powerups include speed-ups as well as time-extenders. Creating large and looped constellations add to your high score (which will be recording on a global leaderboard). Once time runs out, you are treated with a panning view of the constellations you’ve created. (more)

  • Umm, isn’t this very similar to Kometen?

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