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Figures – Video game engines as dramatic real time performance

Created by the NY based artist Victor Morales, Figures is a series of dramatic animation created using Unity game engine where characters melt, bend and defy the natural in a simulation environment. As Matteo Bittanti at GameScenes writes – “they are uncanny, mesmerizing, and morbidly fascinating – all mildly disturbing, in a good way.”

A collection of characters adopt plastic-elastic qualities, their bodies extending and stretching beyond edges of the screen while you, as the viewer, navigate a Lynchian stage with dramatic lightning, trying to understand what these characters are going through as they endlessly try to get back into their original shape.

Victor’s work is an exploration of video game engines where “death and physics are transformed into dramatic and comedic real time performance.”

“Video game aesthetics are a blessing and a curse. The mainstream arts tend to dismiss these aesthetics. But it is okay, I believe that eventually, video game engines will open new possibilities that neither film, painting, sculpture nor any of the “established” arts have even thought it existed. The medium and the concept will come simultaneously, like a quantum process. For now in my process, the medium comes first.”

↑ Recent interview with Victor on GameVideoArt.

Vimeo /via GameScenes

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