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Flight of the Fireflies – “Atmospheric journey through places and emotions” [iPad, Games]

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“The fireflies are leaving the city, looking for a new home. Let your touch guide them as they soar through the skies and dance among the trees” is the description of an experimental video game ‘Flight of the Fireflies’ by Jonathan Hise Kaldma that takes you on an atmospheric journey through places and emotions. The focus of the game is not on the challenge – but on the experience. The game lets the player guide a swarm of fireflies with their finger. Each firefly is a separate note in a score that is generated dynamically while you play. As you collect fireflies, the music builds up and becomes more and more intricate. The game is divided into five chapters, with environments made from photographs taken in and around Stockholm, Sweden.

Flight of the Fireflies was exhibited at the Notgames Fest in Cologne, curated by Tale of Tales. The game was created with Unity3D and uses the boids algorithm for the flocking behaviour of the fireflies, and a probabilistic sequencer for the generative music.

(Headphones strongly recommended)

Platform: iPad
Version: 1.0
Cost: $4.99
Developer: Jonathan Hise Kaldma