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Giant Metal Robot [iPhone]



A second game from the creator of Sweep Man, TomTom (Poppy F) has just been released Giant Metal Robot. Adopting yet again gorgeous, retro, pixel art-y style, this time around it is ‘LisaLisa’ and her dog ‘Pinkie’ who are attacked by wicked skeletons.  Your job is to crush every skeletons within the time limit but being careful not to kill ‘LisaLisa’ or ‘Pinkie’ or throw them off the roof.

What is wonderful in the games by TomTom is that they are simple creations where most effort has been put into the visual elements. Each game is a form of a comic strip, a simple idea that evolved into an interactive game. It’s hard to call these just games as in their own right they are very personal exploratory creations. It is best to think of them as designer toys, keychains, mini apps to enrich your iPhone app collection. Collect them all and you win – pure joy.

See movie below for gameplay.


Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $0.99
Developer: Poppy