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iJumpman [iPhone, Games]


iJumpman is a retro-futuristic platformer by Andrew McClure. What begins as an imitation of 8bit retro platformer with game mechanics reminiscent of Joust quickly turns in one of the most engaging retro inspired games on the iPhone. Use tilt or onscreen controls to move across the level, effect gravity and objects in the world (physics), invisible walls, bombs, awesome soundtrack and effects and so much more with the task to survive to the exit. Although some levels may need balancing as you may find yourself at times quickly passing through the levels and other having to die about 20 times at least on others, the game is nevertheless so much fun it’s hard to describe. The 3D space showing next levels just adds to the desire to pass the current and move onto the next. In addition to all of this, a full level editor is including together with ability to upload and download additional levels. Controls vary from tilt control what we have found in Ronaldo where you rotate the world around you, also achievable via “finger twist” to on screen control buttons which for some levels especially those requiring you to continuously rotate the world. Regardless of how much you are against of games with on screen controls, here they are really useful at times and done in such a way not to be too obtrusive and very much in touch graphically with the environment.

Here is the list of features:
– A full level editor with integrated online level trading
– Gesture and tilt controls (plus optional button control scheme)
– Full soundtrack by The Mathletes
– Full in-game soundtrack (plus iTunes library support)

Free demo of the game for Mac, PC and Linux is available at

This is easily the best $2.99 I have spent on a retro classic inspired game for the iPhone. A simple must if you a fan of 8bit gaming and if you are not and enjoy the likings of Ronaldo, iJumpman is a great example of retro adaptation for the iPhone platform. I could not recommend it more..

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0.0
Cost: $2.99
Developer: Andrew McClure

(Thanks Rocco!)

  • This game is a bomb. I love it!!

  • I hope you mean “the” bomb!

    But yeah it's pretty radnormous. I can't wait to see what happens when folks get a hold of the level editor. Great game with tons of replay value!

  • sea

    played with the free desktop demo, lasted 20 minutes, bought the iphone version. brilliant stuff.

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    Wow very interesting and entertaining. I am so contented of my mobile phone.