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Jetset: A Game for Airports [iPhone]


jetset00Jetset is a game about air travel with a satirical take on the incredible amounts of stress we go through at the airports. As today’s regulations change frequently and are often different from airport to airport and security staff increasingly interpret regulations how they like, Jetset puts you in the shoes of a security agent trying to avert terrorism while getting everyone through a checkpoint quickly.

This task may be simple at first but with increasing number of passengers arriving and rules changing constantly you will find yourself under a very uncomfortable pressure trying to allow as many people as quickly as possible through the security and in doing so accidently allow prohibited items. The game is much about speed, now allowing the q to grow and with 5 strikes, the game is over. The same applies if you q gets too long, ie you are taking too much time to decide who you should let through and who not.

Jetset is also very much about location. There also doesn’t seem to be a way to select which airport you are playing at so you in fact have to be present at that particular airport should you wish your score to be registered or to unlock some of the souvenirs. Souvenirs in this case are items which you take away from passengers which you can share with friends via a specially designed app for Facebook. In addition you can exchange these collected souvenirs for real Luggage Tags, iPhone speakers, Luggage and more.

A game for the frazzled globetrotter in all of us.

Key Jetset features:
– Play 100 different airports from around the world and earn unique location-based souvenirs
– Strip search travelers for fun
– Confiscate dangerous travel items like pressurized cheese
– Game automatically selects the airport you are in or near based on available location services*
– Collect and play with souvenirs in your personal snowglobe, or share them with friends on Facebook*
– Facebook gifts you give can be downloaded by your friends into the iPhone/iPod Touch Snowglobe App (sold separately)
– Unlock silver, gold, and platinum souvenirs based on your performance — just like your favorite airline loyalty program
– Are you a real jet setter? Redeem collections of souvenirs from different airports for exclusive Jetset travel trophies*
– Highscore lists: local, global, and by airport

Jetset is fun, innovative and beautiful game. Game’s limitations to awards, ie only being able to win souvenirs at physical locations adds a new and creative twist to gaming on the iPhone. We hope that in the future more games will think of iPhone’s capabilities in ways that go beyond sales figures but rather thinking of new and creative ways to develop a rewarding user experience.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $4.99
Developer: Persuasive Games
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