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Kometen [iPhone, Games]


A comet has been born, please take good care of it! Explore the universe and learn how to fly in a graceful way and explore space to find art is what you need to do in the latest game by Erik Svedäng with Niklas Åkerblad. The art (which is all watercolor – see video below) takes you on a visual journey painted by Niklas. There are no points to win or loose in the game. Erik and Niklas have created a colourful universe for exploration where the skillful control of your comet is your prize. You swipe your finger to fly away from a planet you are orbiting, eating will increase the boost which helps you travel faster and when the boost meter is full you can do a long swipe to activate the super boost flying you a much long distance. There are 14 planets to uncover, each one a beautiful drawing.

‣ Super minimalistic controls: tap planets to gravitate towards them, swipe to let go
‣ Zoom through space at incredible speed!
‣ Explore a world filled with gorgeous watercolor art
‣ Hypnotizing and awesome soundtrack (which can also be heard in the trailer)

The game was created using Cocos 2D, a framework for building 2D games.

About the creators:
Erik Svedäng (design & programming) is the creator of the PC game Blueberry Garden, winner of the Independent Games Festival Grand Prize 2009.
Niklas Åkerblad (art, animation, sound & music) is the art-director of Colosseum for XBOX indie games.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $2.99
Developer: Erik Svedäng

  • i wouldn't describe it as a “game”; it's more of a relaxing experience, a journey, although quite a beautiful one.
    the graphics have a lot of personality and the whole thing is filled with little details, like absurd objects you see flying around, strange text messages in some screens that actually tell nothing but make you think about stuff…
    it's a very nice little visual treat.