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Launchball [iPhone, Games]



Originally released as a Flash-based game back in 2007, The Science Museum of London has just released an iPhone version of it’s popular Launchball puzzle game. Whilst the Flash version is still playable online, the iPhone version comes with 6 tutorial levels and 36 real levels, as well as a fully featured level editor with ability to create your own levels and download the others’ creations. Using over 20 active blocks (including fans, magnets and Tesla Coils) guide your ball through a series of fiendish challenges, and learn some science on the way.

A very impressive list of features included:

-A bumper collection of classic levels
Slide, bounce and spring your way through over 30 different challenges.

-Fully equipped Level Editor
Create your own levels and then upload them to challenge other mortals. Levels can be rated by users – can you build a 5 star legend?

-Endless playability, Endless challenges
Search and download hundreds of user created levels for free.

-Dynamic Touch Screen Control
Manipulate magnets, fans and Tesla Coils with your finger tips to create the ultimate challenge.

-Chill out
Enjoy an ambient soundtrack.

-Tweet about your successes
Launchball is linked into Twitter so you can let everyone know about your latest achievements or level creations.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $0.99
Developer: Bright AI Ltd.

(via TouchArcade)



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