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Levers + Acrobots by Vectorpark [iPhone, Games]



Released only few days ago are the two iPhone apps by the game designer Patrick Smith (Vectorpark). We mentioned Windosill created by Patrick few months back and now inspired by his flash versions of the games, both Levers and Acrobots are now available in the AppStore.


Acrobots ($0.99) is a play of digital beings which behave by the rules of gravity and self awarness. Using iphone’s built in accolometer which simulates gravity, Acrobots are little beings that connect and transport themselves on your screen. There is not much more to this apart from your desire to somewhat disrupt their paths and make their life more difficult. A number of options is included such as ability to add or remove Acrobots from the screen, adjust the stickiness, their size and other.




Levers ($0.99) is a game of gravity, coat hangers and objects. Once again utilising accelerometer, your task is to hang objects on coat hangers achieving balance. As you hold the balance of left and right side, new objects or coat hangers appear. Some objects are dynamic like those that fill with water once dropped into it. Tapping them will make water pour out leaving you with a lighter object. There doesn’t seem to be an end game to the app, just layers of objects hanging of one another. Much fun nevertheless.



Both apps adopt familiar Vectorpark graphics, wonderfully animated with sharp vector style objects. Costing $0.99 each with Acrobots available as a lite (free) version also, should keep Vectorpark fan occupied for good few hours. For me, they sit perfectly amongst other carefully and wonderfully designed apps/games on my iPhone specially dedicated home screen. Also worth mentioning that both apps are also playable on the web in the form of their flash counterparts (Levers / Acrobots)

See more of Patrick’s wonderful game experiments on

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