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Limbo [Games, Mac]


“Boy uncertain of his sister’s faith enters limbo” is the tag line of the absolutely wonderful game “Limbo”, now available for Mac!

The game takes on a journey of a boy that transverses through the ‘horrible world’ challenged by obstacles which gradually more difficult and more hostile (see video interview at the bottom with Mads Wibroe, the producer). Somewhat influenced by film noir, the game is a solitary, dark, black, silhouette filled journey filled with soft depth blur to describe mood. No text, no music, in “Limbo” you are in the game, alone, in the dark. our post from may 2010

Limbo won Excellence In Visual Art and Technical Excellence award at the IGF and previously only available for the XBox. You can read the full interview with the PlayDead’s CEO Dino Patti on

Download from the AppStore ($9.99) – Mac

Update 3/7/2013: Now also available for the iOS. Download from AppStore

  • I wish this was on iPad and didn’t cost $10… :-/ May have to go for it anyway. Looks so amazing.

  • Played this on the PS3. What a great game. Beautifully executed. It felt a tad short, but that was only because it was so good I wanted it to go on forever. Well worth the $10 IMHO.

  • Too bad it supports only xinput gamepads (ie XBOX’s,, which is annoying because why would you have an XBOX controller if you don’t have an XBOX?

  • Have it for XBox and its amazing. A very well-crafted game.

  • Olavo

    MAC ? This was programmed on Windows, originally as a XBox XNA game! The only thing i Hate about Creative Applications is that since they don’t sell Windows and Android Apps they try to make you believe everybody only do this stuff on Macs… Dear editors, give some credit to all Windows based programmers, artists and developers out there !!!