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Link and Spell – iOS word game with a “snake+scrabble” twist

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Link and Spell is a new word game for the iOS by Ramin Afshar now available in the App Store. It is a mashup of the classic “snake” game with “scrabble”, gesture based where by eating letters you can form words which earn you points and extra time. There are also several other features that help you along the way such as a special double swipe gesture to reverse the order of your snake’s letters.

It is interesting to see this genre becoming very popular amongst artists and designers working with code. Whether it is the financial incentive and possible mainstream audience appeal or just the simplicity of the medium, ie working within a familiar framework of words but introducing new twists (remember Zach Gage‘s SpellTower is currently one of the top selling word games), Link and Spell is a very enjoyable game and shows this genre evolving in interesting and exciting new ways.

Check out the trailer below to get a clear idea of the Link and Spell. Created with Objective C and Cocos2D.

Project Page | AppStore ($0.99)


  • Francis Mole

    I’m curios whether the game has multi-player or not. I myself is a scrabble fan. Might as well download and try it myself. Just felt sharing it, I have nothing to do

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  • Jonas

    Been playing this game since it was release. Game was fun. It somehow boost my knowledge. Though a friend can’t help himself using scrabble cheat LOL