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Memory of a Broken Dimension – Glitch and Narrative

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Work in progress by xra, Memory of a Broken Dimension is a new game created using Unity that combines glitch aesthetic together with FPS to create a world that is both ambiguous and very intriguing. While there is not much information about the game, xra posted this on the tigsource forums:

The main thing with the narration is ideally at times it would be awesome if the Player feels as if they are the main character, using a tool (playing the game) to solve puzzles and discover things. Though that may be tough since I need to provide other scenes where it isn’t from the Player’s point of view, but I’ve been thinking of doing something a bit like montages, and keeping all the camera viewpoints from familiar positions that make sense for a point of view shot or even actual cameras surveying things. Still really in the early stages of planning that stuff!

More about the work in progress here.

Project Page

via Kyle Machulis + prostheticknowledge

  • mothnode

    Beautiful concept! Can’t wait!

  • davide

    can’t wait neither!