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Pent – A short film created using Grand Theft Auto V

Created and directed by Roland Spencer, Pent is a short film entirely created using Grand Theft Auto V. Since videogames have taken giant strides towards realism, Roland felt the evolving medium was worth putting time and effort into. The finished piece is a story about anger, control and rewards.

So I finished my 6th film of the year, churning along like a man on a mission! ‘Pent’ is a piece I created for a multitude of reasons, one of which was: whether or not I could create a believable serious film piece inside a videogame. I recorded and produced the entire piece using Rockstar Games’ GTA V, a videogame infamous for its use of violent and provocative content.

My attempt for this film was to show how anger often has no pay off, unlike what is often shown in videogames, but also to show how these games fit the idea of art that many people have, when shown from a perspective without the biases of news outlets. Lastly, I also wanted to create a piece that portrayed neutrally the desire of some people to remain in a safe and controlled situation, and create a platform for it’s benefits and downfalls to be discussed.

Roland Spencer | A Short Film: Pent | Film, Photography, Visual Art

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