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Pocketball [iPhone, Games]



Pocketball is a themed UI physics puzzle game by Big Bucket Software just released in the AppStore. Your goal is to guide the colored balls into their corresponding pockets. By drawing ropes between pegs, you navigate the balls around boosters, gravity wells, pesky nukes and more. The game includes 30 stages, all wrapped in a wood themed interface with wonderful subtle animations. I have played a few levels and can see myself spending hours. For now, only full version is available but I have no doubt a demo (lite) will follow pretty soon.

• Auto-saves so that returning to a game feels like you never left.
• Want to start over? Simply shake to remove all ropes and try again.
• Full stereo sound.

For more info + screens, see

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $1.99
Developer: bigbucketsoftware


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