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Scribb by Mylène Dreyer – Pen-Paper-Mouse Interface

Created by Mylène Dreyer at ECAL, Scribb is a computer game in which the physical area scanned by the mouse is an integral part of interaction. The player must draw black areas, detected by the mouse, to be able to evolve in the game, simultaneously managing the position of the mouse and the surface on which it is placed.

This double reading questions our way of switching from digital to analogue. The mouse, diverted from its usual role, is not only used as an extension of the hand, but as a physical object influenced by its environment.

The mouse has been modified to include a reflective sensor, the same type that you can find in robots that follow black lines. The sensor detect if the light reflected is strong or not, according to the color close to it. It is connected to the ground and 5v of the mouse chip and the other cables to get to analog values pass through the mouse cable and goes to the box. The regular USB cable of the mouse is connected to a double USB hub. The cables of the reflective sensor are connected to a micro Adruino, powered by the usb hub. For the software, unity3D is used through serial connection, receiving analog values on whether the mouse is on black or white color. The same sensor is used to detect if the mouse is lifted or not.

Animations are all handmade in Photoshop with a graphic tablet. Mylène wanted to created a universe that reminds us of scribbles we draw on paper, using regular desk items (paper, pen, mouse) to play the game.

Mylène Dreyer | ECAL

Tutors: Alain Bellet, Cyril Diagne, Gaël Hugo, Christophe Guignard, Cédric Duchêne, Vincent Jacquier
Assistants : Laura Perrenoud, Tibor Udvari, Romain Cazier
Filmed and edited by Mylène Dreyer




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