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Soundstory: 10:00pm – An interactive musical vignette by Matthew LoPresti


Created by Matthew LoPresti, “Soundstory: 10:00pm” is an interactive musical vignette told through the emails, notes, and news articles found on George Wells’s work terminal. Exactly what it is – is hard to tell, sitting somewhere between a game and book. Matthew refers to it as “something that does something, resulting in the creation of a new world through the power of literature, music, visual art”.

“I never knew what my father experienced. My only hope is that it was empty of any real hardship. From time to time I daydream about the sequence of events, but they’re just selfish throw-aways. They’re of little value when a new one is so easily created.”

The original idea for this project was a lot more ambitious, Matthew writes on his blog.

There really isn’t any interactivity to speak of, so it’s not exactly a game with rules and such. I originally planned to have the interactivity act similarly to Metroid Prime, where you had to hold the object until it was fully scanned. If you let go, the text and music would begin to fade out. This would have helped to create a higher level of interactivity, but it just didn’t feel right. I sort of regret not looking into it further, but this project was always planned as a simple introduction to indie development, nothing too fancy.

It is an experimental game. Not every app needs to fit AppStore categories and whether Apple will ever acknowledge this remains to be seen. We love it and want to see more developers taking on this challenge.

Project Page | AppStore (iPhone $0.99)

See also the prequel to Soundstory: Warm Wisps (AppStore – Free).

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